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How To Donate

Donate Information


Thank you for considering donating to PrestreetzRO.

Playing at PreStreetzRO is totally FREE. However, making a donation helps to cover the costs of running a server.

Donations are used to help cover servers (game server and proxy) also web hosting fees as well as going towards any server upgrades, advertising and other server expenses.

Refunds: All donations and benefits of donations are non-refundable.
Server Rules: Making a donation does not exempt you from Avoid the server's rules.

Donating via Westren Union or Paypal :

Admin Math

PayPal Link : Click Here


[]**POD Value**[]

A: RM 10 = 10 POD
B: RM 30 = 30 POD
C: RM 50 = 50 POD
D: RM 100 = 110 POD

A: USD 3 = 10 POD
B: USD 8 = 30 POD
C: USD 13 = 50 POD
D: USD 24 = 110 POD

Donating via Malaysian local bank (Maybank):

Donate Direct To Admin : Math Name : Mohd firdaus
Maybank Account : Account : 155108816033

For More Info Direct Pm Admin Math : Click Here

Direct Contact Admin Math  Click Here To direct Pm Admin


After Transaction Already be made..

Please Fill All the following Info And Submit To Admin


Amount: ( Donation Point Amount A/B/C )

Resit For transaction : Must Be have And Send it To Admin. (Fake Resit or Threat And harm will be Submit As Banned From Server!

After The Donate has been submit by admin.. you will be given 

Point On your Account...So please check >> My Account


Shop Item  : Here  

Select the item you want to buy... Add To cart

To Complete Buy Item Proceed  Here


The Item That you already buy can be claim inside

The server Npc(Donor Reward Redeemer)

Map: @donatearea








Alternatively, we also accept donation via Bank for Malaysian, for more info Click Here To direct Pm Admin
Other country Bank Transfer still on working to make it happens and not posibble for now.

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    19:00 PM - 20:00 PM
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